Exhibition Noord Publiek

In September 2010 Löhmann’s organised and designed the exhibition ‘Noord Public Proposals for an undivided city’, in which the upcoming transformation of Amsterdam Noord constitutes the central theme.

The exhibition design is conceived as a transformation process itself, doing justice to its theme. A clear and simple concept subtly reveals the potential and qualities of the Industrial Kromhout hall on the northern banks of the river IJ in Amsterdam. The exhibition uncovered the monumentality of this space, which was in use as a storage space until the event. All additions to the space are whitewashed with a mixture according to an old recipe based on slaked lime and quark, which was historically used to paint farmhouses, and is still in use as a sunscreen in greenhouse farming today. Wooden pallets and transportation boxes have been given a second life as the carriers of the exhibition.


Client: TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture, chair of Interiors, Buildings and Cities
Size: 2.000 m2
Project architect: Heike Löhmann
Collaborators: David de Bruijn · Marcus Kempers · Sander Janssen · Pochun Huang
Meer informatie: download pdf