Seven Squares • A residential area on the former military base in Goch (Germany)

On the outskirts of the district of Goch, there is a former military base, build up by the British army after WO II. Our proposal assumes a successional transformation process of the site into a pleasant neighbourhood. Existing buildings and spaces of good quality and with strong individuality, which have the potential to accommodate new living, working and meeting functions, were integrated as far as possible into the new urban organisation model. The main means of organising the space are zoning transitions from public to private space, from town to landscape and from roads to pedestrian space, linking up with the lines of the existing town and matching water management to the topography of the place, which will lend an added quality to the shared space.


Client: Deutscher Werkbund
Size: 27 ha

Project architect: Heike Löhmann
Contributors: Marcus Kempers · Trine Kobbelvedt · Egle Suminskaite
More information: download pdf