Dance house North

The transformation of the old Stork factory into Dance house North, Amsterdam.

After many years of research and a thorough feasability study the board of Dance House Amsterdam envisiones its future in the hundred-year-old Stork factory in Amsterdam. 

The aim of the design is to combine the existing features of the building with the requirements of the dance house in a compact way. Besides the economical and functional organisation of the space, it also creates a spatial choreography, with exciting connections, specific relations between spaces and unexpected views and insights. The dimensions of the old factory buildings correspond perfectly to the spaces needed for the studios. 

In order to create a pleasant dance climate, all the studios can be shut off and separated acoustically. Each studio benefits from direct daylight, sufficient changing rooms, stretching space outside the studio, a good dance floor with minimum dimensions of 10 by 14 metres, a rectangular space (no squares or angled walls) and a minimum height of 3.80 meter.


Client:  Stichting Beheer Danshuis Amsterdam (SBDA) on behalf of the Amsterdam Municipality
Size: 2600 m2
Project architect: Heike Löhmann
Contributors: Olga Chulkova, Jesse Zweers, Carmen Buitenhuis, Marcus Kempers
More information: download pdf